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Our Story


Tabacalera Mora Florida, Puerto Rico. The birth place of the Sr. Velázquez Brand.

Owner, Enrique Velazquez-Mora in the tobacco drying barn.

Our Story

     In 1989 our founder, Enrique Velázquez-Mora and his wife, Carmen Santiago, were seeking to create a pure Puerto Rican cigar that would compete with the top, premium cigar manufacturers in the world. Their dream became a reality in 1995 when they opened the doors to their factory in the beautiful town of Florida, Puerto Rico. They were ecstatic to have produced the first Señor Velázquez Selectos, a pure Puerto Rican cigar, on 8-acres of their 25-acre family farm. However, since 1998 Puerto Rico has been hit with numerous damaging hurricanes which, drove Mr. & Mrs. Velázquez to move the entire production of Sr. Velázquez cigars to the Dominican Republic. Here, they were able to maintain the quality they worked so hard to obtain. What began as an agricultural “experiment,” due to their family’s affection to cigars, and distribution business of world-renowned premium cigar brands, has now turned into a third-generation family business with affiliation in 3 countries. 


Our owner, Enrique Velázquez-Mora overseeing Sr. Velázquez cigar production.

Tobacco leaves

Master Roller Raúl Disla hand rolling Sr. Velázquez cigars with the Sr. & Sra. Velázquez-Mora to whom the Sr. Velázquez cigar brand is dedicated after.

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